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£350 Basic Wedding Photography Package

Why chose me?

My approach is to capture your day informally in such a way that the photography does not detract but captures it for you beautifully and sensitively . I aim to melt into the background and you can largely forget that I am there!

A Basic £350 Wedding Photography Package, which is offered for wedding venues within EITHER a 25 mile radius of my base in Wenvoe (about half way between Cardiff and Barry) OR a 25 mile radius of Brecon includes for the following: 

     + An initial visit to your home.

     + A meeting with the Bride and Groom (say a week before the wedding) to discuss in more detail your requirements. At this meeting we will discuss the schedule and you can tell me about the Bridesmaids, Best Man and who’s who in your families. You can also let me know of any special requirements at this time. 

For the basic £350 package I will start the shoot at the wedding venue getting photographs of the Groom, Best Man and guests as they await the arrival of the Bride. Then cover the arrival of the Bride and photographs of the ceremony (as allowed by circumstances) and the (posed) signing the Registers. 

After the wedding ceremony I will “mingle” with you and the guests to capture the spirit of the day before arranging the “Set Piece” photographs of Bride and Groom / Brides Maids / Best Man / Immediate Family / the whole assembly. From the photographs I have taken you will receive the following output in the £350 Basic Package: 

    + A set of 4 inch by 6 inch glossy prints of the (average of) 250 – 300 photographs taken on the day. These will carry my watermark – see example below – but none of images will be copyrighted. 

    + An A4 size bound booklet of “thumbnails” of the above with the image identification numbers so you can select the ones that you will want to have printed. 

   + A DVD slide show of all the above images set to the music of your choice packaged in a white DVD case with a personalised cover. 

   + 2 (or 3) compact discs of all the images for you to arrange for your required prints to be made. The images will be sized to allow prints up to 12″ by 8″ (approx A4) at 300 dpi to be subsequently made. Should you need larger prints, then the files needed for these can be separately provided at a nominal cost as an extra.

Possible other extras which we could discuss on top of the basic £300 package are: 

    + Starting the shoot with photographs of the Bride’s final preparations (from £50).

    +  Photographs at the Reception and maybe any Party that follows (from £50). 

    +  Arranging for professional standard prints to be made on a wide variety of media including canvas and acrylic. (We’ll need to discuss this in detail as the prices vary a lot!)

In summary, a personalised service tailored to your wishes carried out in an informal but none the less very professional manner by a gifted amateur.

Example of the 6 by 4 inches proof set of each photograph that is included in the basic package.